Day one: Midnight (01/02/2015)

Midnight (2015)

I chose to like midnight at a young age. I turned 12 and just arrived home from Uganda, the place of my birth and It was a real eye opener. But to answer your question as to why I like midnight it’s because I feel most balanced by the shades of night. In Uganda, there was a particular village I visited where there was no electricity. Everything was generated by petroleum fuelled generators, so when it became dark, it became black.

The mystery in the shadows, or the spaces in which my eyes could not see, intrigued me. I liked not knowing what laid a few metres in front of me, it sparked thoughts in my imagination. I pretended sometimes when I could only see as far as my next step that I was walking on planks between mountains. I balanced walking gracefully like a gymnast at the world games, it was fun and the best bit about it was that you could only do these things when it became Dark.

When I arrived back in Perth my love for the night had not eluded me as yet, I was still young enough to live in the midst of my imagination. I turned 18 several years later and it was my first night out, at this time we still had daylight savings so the days were longer and the nights were shorter. I used to love the periods between leaving one bar to go to the next, or leaving one persons house to go this Club. When it became dark enough, that’s when I’d really enjoy myself.

It was the mystery of just being able to see silhouettes, or someone’s attire or sometimes the shapes of different waists slightly visible because of the dim ambiance. I loved meeting new people, ladies in particular. I loved being lost in awe at the shapes of her lips, or the way she has her hair a certain way. The colour of her mascara, or the colour of her earrings dangling from her ears. Come midnight I’d be so lost in the possibility of where the night will take me, because it was the beginning of new day, a whole new chapter of this 365 chaptered book called ‘The Year’.

I soon turned 23, the five years were a blur. It went from the dark of the midnight hour being fun, to the nautical twilight of the night being addictive. I then became attracted to ladies I did not know. My love for mystery was getting the better of me and it had me constantly trying to be on the scene meeting new people. For when I did meet a lady, at a bar or anywhere, come the midnight hour all I could think about was getting her back to my place, up the stairs into the concrete jungle I had created with no light but the orange amber seeping through the cracks in the curtin making her look like a zebra and me the lion. The midnight hour, oh how I loved the midnight hour. At times i’d lose her in the sheets of my bed, her curves around her body made her feel like a reidel glass in my hands so my delicacy was second to none. I loved the feel of her body, but not being able to see where my hands were travelling. I loved how when I lifted myself off of her body, I’d become lost in the night, to become a mysterious sillohuette dancing around the bed. The angle in which I would approach her next left her constantly with a faster beating heart and her senses very high.

I disappeared for a period of time, I quickly snuck downstairs in search of a particular vinyl to play. Voyage by Stan Gets, but in particular, a certain track called ‘I thought about you’. I’ve listened to thing song so many times and have always wanted to play it for this reason exactly. I lifted the needle, gave it a quick dust and put it down ever so gently, about half a centimetre away from the song. I needed exactly that amount of time to race back up the stairs. As I made it back up my to my room, I saw here hour glass figure reaching for the lamp, but as she had her hand on the switch I quickly touched her hand, startling her ever so slightly. Her senses already inflamed were quickly eased by the smooth sounds of Stan on the Sax coming in at an ever so timely manner.

I rested her hand by hair head, and gently restrained herself down and slowly made my way southernly down her body. Travelling very slowly, landing my lips on different parts of her galaxy, constantly discovering new worlds and stars in search of a place in which I could rest my being. I was on a journey to the place I had longed to get to. After time I eventually arrived where I needed to be, although to her amusement was not the place in which she thought would be my final destination.

I stopped, and said, “May I please build my own planet on this part of your galaxy”. She replied in a very soft, heavenly and hypnotic tone, “Restwell where you please”

And I rested my head there, and could feel drums beating perfectly in time with Stan’s Saxaphone. For where I decided to set up and forever rest my soul was just above her left breast, a place I called home, for the night.

To sum it up, I like midnight, because I love the chance of going through that process over and over and over again.


Okello Adupa

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