Day Five: Deepest Fear (05/02/15) (Writing)

Deepest fear? (2015)

To set the scene, we,

my girlfriend and I, are lying under a tree

on a grass field surrounded by trees and undulating hills.

No cars, buildings or anything else that could break the moments conceal

I lay on my back with my head resting on Sophia’s lap with views partially of her beautiful face

the other half of the dancing leaves and sunny blue skies with no vision at waste,

when she looked down at me and asked me, “What is your deepest fear?”.

I laid with my eyes closed in search of an answer,

whilst trying to avoid any words that would provoke general banter … I replied,

“my deepest fear is to live life”

She looked puzzled and asked for an explanation.

I said, “Imagine being young, and having ten channels, showing the same animation.

For I want to be able to live a life without being bound to the normal

We all seem to just live, work, holiday, then die and expected to keep individual journals.

I want more,

I want to love, and have my heart broken

I want to have bills due, and not enough time for the money to soak in

I want to spend some nights hungry

I want to have to drown out the sounds of hunger in my tummy

For if I lived a life catered for me, from A to Z, with all the finer things and luxury’s

it would simply be like living life … as opposed to living a life …  to remember,

Well, that’s my deepest fear.

It went quiet and she then replied with …

“Woah, that was deep. Well my deepest fear is spiders “

Lights please

Okello Adupa

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