Day Six: Off Beat (06/02/2015)

Off beat (2015)

I love the saxophone, I remember hearing Stan Getz hitting every note to the thump in my chest in his track ‘I thought about you’. That was the exact point I decided I wanted to buy a Saxophone and take lessons. I ran up to my mum and said “I want to take lessons in playing the saxophone”, “Ok, ok find out about some places and let me know”. I ran back to my room, slid across the floor in my socks, landing smoothly on the computer chair and opened my laptop to start researching near by instructors. I found one coincidentally on my street who has been teaching in the arts of music for years and thought he would be perfect and better yet, he has an array of instruments already at his place. I ran back in the living room, “mum I found a teacher, he is really close to, just a couple of houses down the street .. “ My mum let me know wander down all the time on my own, so I ventured down to the address on the website, knocked on the door, a man opened the door, grey hairs on top and bottom of his head with leather brown skin, aged leather too. “Hello young man, how can I help you?” “I’m hear to learn the saxophone and become good like Stan, Stan Getz”. The old man chuckled and said “Ok son, come in and let’s see what you can do on the sax”, I stepped inside with no hesitation and walked down the halls noticing the framed images of people on the wall, photo’s on the wall of a man who looked like a younger version of the old man but I couldn’t make out who the others were with him. “Who are those people you are with in these photo’s?” I asked. “That one is Miles Davis, that there is Coltrane, ohh haha and this one, this one is me in the background, standing behind Dexter Gordon”, “Are they musicians?”, the man burst out laughing and said “Yes, some would say”. I reached the back room, beaming with natural light and thought, sweet, let’s do this.

Okello Adupa

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