Day Seven: Choose your words (07/02/2015)

Choose your words … (2015)

I chose a few, she chose two

I was thinking ahead, she chose lead

I chose to miss, she chose fists

I was thinking why, the continuous series of lies

I mean … I chose violins, she questioned these things

But I was thinking music, she called me foolish

I chose lyrics, she chose physics

I was thinking who, she said I probably knew.

Thats when I chose two, she asked, why so few?

I chose lead, she said go ahead

I’d never choose fists, the guy would be glad I missed

I tripped on lies, but forgave her, my friends asked why

Why I didn’t choose to pull apart the strings, I said because she loved the sounds of violins

I asked why was she so foolish, she said it was the drinks, the moon, the music

Okello Adupa

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