Warm Emotions (07/01/2016) (Writing)

Warm Emotions (2016)

It is in the Mediterranean warmth that emotions are heavily inflamed. It was my first time in Spain and it was everything I could have imagined. The women were beautiful and the lighting constantly like the perfect filter. I strolled the streets and guided by an orange ambience of the street lights, I found a local bar. A young man sat strumming his guitar near the front entrance like it was his lover. I walked in and saw a woman at the end of the bar, indulging in a dark red glass of wine. It would be easy to be mistaken as to where her lips ended and where the wine started as she took each sip. I decided to take a chance and approach her, I felt nervous but very intrigued at the same time.

‘Hello, i’m sorry for interrupting you tonight but I couldn’t help but wonder why you were sitting at the bar alone’.

She sighed, ‘It has been a long day, but tell me, where is your accent from?’

‘It is Ugandan, I recently moved to America and have now taken some time off to visit a friend here in Barcelona’. The night went on, glasses of wine were consumed and the conversation only grew deeper. It was now quarter passed eleven. The moon was at it’s highest point, illuminating the window seal as I gazed out into the distance.

The mysterious lady then grabbed her coat and said, ‘It was nice talking to you, I’m sure I’ll see you again’. She then stood up and walked away and before I could figure out what to say, she was already in the exact distant place I was starring out to previously. I stood up, paid the bar man and stepped out. The moonlight was almost too bright, blinding my eyes but that must have been the alcohol taking control. I walked slowly back to the main streets, only just keeping my balance on the cobble stone roads in search of a taxi. I stumbled down the wrong road to find myself hearing the sounds of water moving back and forth, crashing gently against rocks. The ocean had crept up on me and I found myself only metres away from the water.

I sat down and watched the waves rise and fall. I watched the waves doing the same thing over and over with hopes of something different happening. The motion of the sea seemed to have relieved me of any stress I once had. The melody the man was strumming on his guitar ringing in my head, on beat with the crash of each wave. I took my jacket off, it was midnight, but the cold was non existent in the ocean breeze.

I sat there wondering what it was I was really in search of, why did I take a trip by myself to Spain to see a friend I haven’t seen in years. I guess things just have to be done, question not be asked and answers eventually reveal themselves. I gathered myself, the alcohol had worn off and my bearings had re aligned. The streets again became familiar and I managed to find the main road in which a taxi laid dormant by the side of the road. I tapped the window and I said the name of the hotel. I hopped in and he took me back, bringing to an end my first night in Barcelona.

Okello Adupa

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