Paris (Film)

My undying yearn for Europe sees me gravitating to constantly watch European films. I can now say Paris (2008) has quickly become included into my top ten. Not only is the film photography amazing but you also appreciate the message behind the film even more when you pair the two together. The purpose of Cedric Klapisch, the writer-director, is to make a symphonic tribute to the city he loves, and use each character as a movement. So when you watch the film, you will see multiple characters without interlocked lives living parallel lives of Paris from all the different perspectives.

At the end of “Paris,” a character whose future is uncertain rides in a taxi through the city and glimpses some of the film’s other characters going about their lives. He does not know them, but we do, and seeing them so briefly is enough to make the film’s point: We are here, we strive, we love, we laugh, we fail, we are sad, sometimes we look at the world and smile for no particular reason. – Roger Ebert

Okello Adupa

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