My Apartamento: George Lois – NOWNESS

Inside the Greenwich pad of the revolutionary graphic designer and inspiration for Mad Men

” The latest subject of NOWNESS’s series with Apartamento magazine is celebrated art director and self-described “graphic communicator” George Lois. Known for designing 92 covers of men’s magazine Esquire during his ten-year tenure there, and working to create the iconic “I Want My MTV” tagline, Lois was a key figure of the 1960s Creative Revolution, which ushered in a new wave of expression in advertising, characterized by its irreverent tone.

“Lois was a key figure of the 1960s Creative Revolution in advertising”

Still wildly charismatic, the New York native is captured by director Barbara Anastacio in his suitably stylish Greenwich Village apartment, which could easily double as a set for TV drama Mad Men. It’s even rumoured that Lois was the inspiration for the show’s morally loose protagonist Don Draper—something the “one-woman man” emphatically contests. “

-Raven Smith

Okello Adupa

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