Highs and Lows, Spring ’16 Trailer + Lookbook

Highs and Lows, Spring 16” Trailer + Lookbook:

I was given creative freedom on a project for Highs and Lows to showcase their Spring 16″ collection. I opted for putting a small team together consisting of some cool and diversely stylish youth of Perth and getting Umairah Murtaza, an amazing photographer, especially with the film on board.

With it being a Spring collection, I wanted the location to be natural and colourful but also quite derelict and full of aged character at the same time. On short notice, I found the location the morning of the shoot and it all fell into place.

The purpose behind the short film was to let people see the setting for how it is and then to slowly add the influence of people and product to it. In short, it was a lot of fun and thanks to the team who were involved, I think I nailed with the 15 pack of LCM’s, keeping everyone happy :’).

Photography by Umairah Murtaza (umairahmurtaza.com)

Styling and Direction by David Adupa (okelloadupa.com)

Music: “Wavy” by FiftySix (soundcloud.com/fiftysix000)


Jared Connor
Issa Hassan
Jethro Sherrell
Jack Pearcey
Ben Smith
Zak Tolley
Yosi Regan
Tristan Nguyen


Okello Adupa

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