I’ve always loved writing, so I thought I’d share all of my documented pieces. Some finished,some unfinished and some making no sense at all.

It’s always hard to appreciate your work, but I’d say the poem I featuring below is one of my favourite pieces, it’s unfinished but I have seemed to always have been intrigued as to where it could have gone.

Dreams and Reality (2015)

The battle rages, your last soldier falls

Nothing stands between us and me penetrating your walls,

but, I stopped at the sight of her…

Suspended in the nautical twilight, like a Waning moon

For she was the sun, and I was a flower, freshly bloomed.

The air was heavy, the night was expiring and then I heard faint sounds.

It was sounds of lips opening and closing, she asked me …

“Is this a dream, or is this reality .. ?”

I stand confused and baffled in the similarities,

I soon gather myself and finally vision the clarity

In what seems a dream but really is my reality

It was a feeling I have always feared

the difference between all things bright

and knowing the stars may not be chandeliers

the difference between the moon and sun

have all become clear like two minus one.

seasons passed, leaves had fallen

I’ll continue this poem, I never would have called it

Now as I transition to autumn,