African Man – A tribute to Maya Angelou (2016)

I sometimes seek inspiration, wondering where it lies.

It’s neither here, nor there.

But behind my own eyes.

But when I start to tell them,

they think i’m telling lies.

I say,

It’s in the width of my shoulders,

the strength of my grip

the length of my stride,

and the size of my lips.

I’m a man,


African man,

that’s me.

I walk into a room,

Just as cool as you please.

And to women,

I usually stand tall,

but when approached, I usually freeze.

And yet, they still swarm around me,

a hive of honey bees

I say,

it’s in the depth of my gaze,

and the home in my heart,

the shade of my skin

that separates me apart.

I’m a man,


African man.

That’s me.

People sometimes wonder,

what they see in me.

They try so much,

But they can’t touch,

the inner roots of my tree.

But when I try to show them,

they say they still can’t see.

That’s when I say,

It’s in the foundations of my feet,

the cresent moon in my smile

then genuine heart that beats

The pride I take in my style.

I’m a man,


African man,

That is me.

Now you understand,

why i stand so proud,

I won’t rap or dance on stage,

or talk real loud.

But when you see me passing

You will know why I stand out from the crowd.


it’s in the seeds in which I plant,

in the tree’s I won’t see grow,

though i am content with this

Because I know,

my nephew and niece,

my future sons and/or daughters

will reap what I’ve sewn.

I am an African man,

trying to be free,

a free man.

Is what I’ll soon be.

Thank you.

23 (2015)

Jumpman, Jumpman, jumpman.

nah this aint a poem about Michael Jordan, sports, raps, the game, how much I got, or about how I wish I wrote something smoother for the ladies.

This is simply a poem titled 23, the amount of years I’ve been alive.

I was young, I broke my arm. How unfortunate, but broken bones heal, and now it seems stronger than ever.

I had a tumour in my arm, but it was benign, it wasn’t cancerous, though at the time I didn’t think it was that serious.

I looked at my mum, and she looked worried. I said calm down, I’ll be all good in a hurry.

I’m still young, I come home and the vibe is strange. I throw my bag down, open my mums door and have never seen so much pain.

I’m twelve, what’s wrong I ask, I get nothing. I run out the room in search of answers, in search of something.

I asked my brother, what’s wrong, no response. I look at my sister, hey what’s wrong ?

Bruce, he passed away, she said. No goodbye’s, nothing back, left our lives, just like that.

The sky seemed grey, even when it was blue. I mean, I was confused and didn’t really know what to do.

I said mum, hey it will be alright. I packed my bags and left for Uganda, I didn’t really understand her, but on I went.

I love writing, but I seem to always get caught in writing about romance.

A poem for Margaret (2015)

Your tired, please relax.

your tired, face the facts.

I want you to be happy, I’d do anything

to see you free

Free of the chains we’ve placed on you,

I know your skies have been grey, but please, I’ll paint them blue.

I would have love for you to have been here,

I seem to always pick the worst times to make things clear.

Clear as the night sky after I clear away the clouds

Clear like I could erase the passed until now.

This is a poem that I’ll one day show you,

If not when you get back, then I promise very soon.

Things haven’t been the same since we lost him,

I really wanted to have had a conversation.

You’ll probably never know this

The Blues (2015)

Google would tell you the #blues is a twelve-bar sequence, melancholic music of black American folk origin …

Cornelius Eady would say the blues is a woman …

Miles Davis even managed to somehow see the Blue in Green

Some would even see the blues in deciding what socks to wear.

But most people unfortunately would say I’m too young to understand the blues.

Heads or Tails (2015)

heads, I tend to overthink things, I tend to under think things, I tend to think about things

tales, i try to avoid things, i try to act like i’m 23, i try to act like it’s never going to land on heads


There’s a war going on outside, inside, this side, that side. But what, what am I doing. Emotions, I try to control, but it feels like it affects my soul. Pray for this, Pray for that, but some people aren’t religious. so this process may seem ambigious, so it may seem ambitious, to get someone to pray for us.


Ambiance (2015)

What is your perfect lighting,

The kind you can hide in ?

Are you the type,

To the have the light so bright

Not even a thief could creep in the night

What if light had a scale between one and five

Shiieettt, imagine if humans didn’t need light to survive.

Would you be the type to live in the dark

or would you be light for someone else’s night, a spark.

Because to me, I would have just enough light that you could see

Our silhouettes vibe on a sensual frequency

Something like how A yearns for B

Like how land craves the sea

Like if you were the letter U, i’d love to gently bend you over, C

I want to (2015)

I want to stimulate hidden sensory

I want you feel a natural ecstacy

I mean, forget your Ex, I wanna b the entire alphabet

something like A to Z

Something like X to C

Set your wings free

Unlock the hidden parts of you to be

While you sleep, vision this in your dreams

What do you mean (2015)

Hmm, what do you mean .. ?

What do you mean I shouldn’t run

What do you mean I can possess a gun

What do you mean I should stay here

What do you mean it’s fair for my brother to live in fear

What do you mean I should slow down

What do you mean, I don’t deserve the Crown

Do you mean I wasn’t the one chosen to be,

The young guy leading the world on a path to be free

I decided that what you mean is not important

I decided that you have the right to be the one chosen

I Closed my eyes (2014)

I closed my eyes and just typed

Because I am the type to open my eyes and see if it’s right

but not tonight, I’m going to keep typing till i regain my sight

i;m vibing on at 16 second loop, I feel the bones are fihr for me to

Why am I trying to force this creativity on myself

I keep hitting these keys with no intent

My eyes feel so heavy because tiredness ensues

I feel as if I need a purpose, somehitng heavier

More involved in the world


I can’t spell

I caan;t rhyme so I just type

I masted tupeding without looking

but i don’t know if its working out doe m e

Unhealthy urge (2014)

I feel an unhealthy urge,

to step into the possibilities of unknown

I feel as if I need to pursue you on a physical level,

I mean,

Yo .. !

Hmm, I feel an urge, to give you a dosage of my surge,

it seems as if it was a dream, but for a reason unknown,

I need to step to your scene, hopefully you know what I mean.

Hmm, this seems pretty weird, but I feel as if I need to blindly pursue you physically as though I was a hunter and you were my prey

As if I had all the right weaponry and all the right things to say

As if i was the last warrior in the battle against your entire walls of defence, hence the unnecessary need to creep around at night, out of sight like a theif in the light,

I Can (2014)

I can see further than you can see

That’s a minor difference between you and me

I can hear things you can’t hear

Because you choose to block out all the sounds you fear

I can feel feelings you’ve never felt

You simply can’t handle the life you’ve been dealt

I can smell aroma’s you only dream of smelling

You wish you could buy these scent’s but they are too rich to be selling

Although, you can talk a million more words than I can talk

I can show you the feeling of how humans became to walk

The Night Sky (2014)

The night sky

I connect the dots in the sky

I own a chair in the backyard that has a 180 degree recline

So I can see everything that happens above me

Because I don’t care what happens on the ground level I can see

I’m obsessed with the night sky, like chandeliers of stars

To be honest, nothing in life seems to be as far, and venus, pluto, mars

I want to invent something that let’s me travel from here to the moon

Like something that can elevate me naturally like the sun helping a flower to bloom

She’s Alive (2014)

She’s alive

She’s healthy

Her river runs …

Temperature, the sunnn

It doesn’t run dry

It’s blue, the sky

her hips

her eyes

Got me shook, no lies


I would baptise myself in her waters

Can you hear her bass,

Can I hear it .. ? I can feel it …

Hypnotic vibes, melodic surroundings

Starry array of sounds vibrating around her waist

I want a snippet, a second, a taste